Charisma for its own sake is good for little more than your ego – but put it to work in service of your business and its impact can be enormous.

Focused properly, leadership charisma fosters an environment where every one of your people has a positive and energetic attitude, is emotionally and intellectually committed to your vision, and is inspired to contribute his or her very best.

In this book you’ll read how new research with more than 40,000 leaders worldwide shows precisely what successful charismatic leaders do to develop their personal and commercial charisma.

Following our step-by-step guide you will not only learn how to be more personally charismatic, but also harness your charisma to achieve superior bottom-line results for your business.

You’ll discover:

* The four-step Leadership Charisma Model that will make you a more charismatic leader.

* How to make a charismatic impression on everyone you meet.

* How to dramatically increase the charismatic impact of your one-on-one communications.

* How to make your talks and presentations charismatic.

* How to manage your people for maximum engagement, productivity and profitability.


“Leadership Charisma addresses one of the most important and often overlooked parts of leadership: building a style of behavior and communication that inspires, motivates, and brings people together toward the organization’s goals.”

Josh Bersin, CEO and President, Bersin & Associates

“Yes! Charismatic leaders can be created and this book explains how to do it. A must-read for anyone who manages others. Enlightening, effective, and easy to follow.”

Mark Hamdan, CEO, HRsmart

“Leadership Charisma looks at a style of leadership long presumed to be unattainable for most people not ‘naturally’ born ‘charismatic’ … and gives people real, tangible, and quantifiable tools and behaviors they can immediately use to increase their personal effectiveness. … Continue reading

Brad Sugars, Founder and Chairman, ActionCOACH

“I strongly believe that organizational culture and values drive success and the organizational leader sets the tone. Research to define the behaviors that can generate such leadership charisma, and, therefore, help leaders set the tone, is key to redefining organizations. … Continue reading

Dana Gibson, PhD, CPA, President, Sam Houston State University